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Apple diet

  • The first version of the Apple diet
  • The second option of the Apple diet
  • The third option of the Apple diet
  • The fourth version of the Apple diet

Apple is a very useful fruit, it contains a huge amount of minerals and vitamins that are simply necessary for a person, they are rich in pectin, folic acid and sugar. Plus, apples are available to almost everyone. On the basis of this fruit, various diets have been developed, both exclusively for weight loss, and for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. But, no matter how useful this product is, do not forget that the so-called mono-diets can only be short-term, you can not turn them into the main diet.

The Apple diet is well established for the treatment of enterocolitis of varying severity and chronic colitis. It is also recommended for kidney diseases. This diet is not recommended for people who have serious stomach problems, because this fruit contains a fairly large amount of acid.

There are several varieties of the Apple diet. Weight they are effective. With a therapeutic Apple diet, it is not recommended to use any additional liquid, just the one contained in the apples themselves. But if you decide to lose weight with this fruit, then you can take a large amount of purified water or herbal teas.

The first version of the Apple diet

You should eat apples all day long. Only 1.5 kilograms. Any other food is strictly prohibited, but you can drink as much as you want. Liquids can be consumed up to 2 liters per day. On this diet, you can spend no more than a week.

The second option of the Apple diet

This option is also called the Apple-kefir diet.  For one day, you need to take six large apples, eat each at regular intervals, washing down each 100 grams of kefir. This diet is known as a well-known remedy for toxicosis in pregnant women.

The third option of the Apple diet

This diet is indicated for various diseases. It is necessary to give preference to juicy varieties of apples, since it is forbidden to use additional liquid during this procedure. Apples can be eaten both raw and baked only without sugar.

The fourth version of the Apple diet

This option will help you lose the most pounds. But it is not easy to withstand it. In addition to the apples themselves, during all six days of the diet, which is how long it lasts, you can only drink green tea without sugar.

On the first day — 1 kg of apples. On the second day — 1.5 kg of apples. On the third day — 2 kg of apples. On the fourth day — 2 kg of apples. On the fifth day-1.5 kg of apples. On the sixth day — 1 kg of apples.

Three fasting days on apples will ease the condition after a person quits Smoking. With apples, this process is comfortable.

A strict diet is a radical remedy and quite difficult for the body. So before making a decision in favor of a particular remedy, you need to consult with your doctor.

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