Boils or boils-get rid of folk remedies - Traditional medicine and medicinal plants

Boils or boils-get rid of folk remedies

Фурункулы или чирьи - избавляемся народными средствами

A boil or, in the vernacular, a boil occurs due to infection of the hair follicle with Staphylococcus aureus. Purulent inflammation is more likely to affect people suffering from eczema, kidney failure, diabetes, obesity, hematopoietic problems, alcoholism and weakened immunity. The use of antibiotics is always accompanied by side effects due to the destruction of useful and vital bacteria for the body. Therefore, in some cases, you can turn to effective folk remedies and try to apply the recipes of traditional medicine listed below.

Furunculosis – the people’s medicine

A person who is ill, it is necessary to create conditions of rest, to diversify food with vitamins and trace elements.

As noted, brewer’s yeast helps. They should be consumed three times a day for half a teaspoon.

The places around the boil should be treated with antiseptics. You can also apply Vishnevsky ointment or ichthyol ointment.

In folk medicine, the following remedies are used against boils:

Boils and furuncles – the people’s medicine. Baked onion

Cut the baked onion in half and apply the cut part to the boil (three times a day).

Boils and furuncles – the people’s medicine. Flaxseed, mountain snake

Steam the crushed flax seeds in boiling water for 5 minutes, cool and apply to the area of the boil.
Similarly, apply the powder of the root of the mountain snake.
Similarly, apply a mixture of rhizomes of mountain snake, plantain seeds, seeds of wormwood bitter or common.
To enhance the effect-these mixtures can be applied to fresh cabbage leaves.

When the affected area is cleared of pus, apply ointments-oil extracts from medicinal plants (aloe, kalanchoe).

At the same time, infusions of rosehip fruits, St. John’s wort grass, licorice root, calamus, radiola rosea are used.

If the furunculosis is often repeated, then use: the rhizome of calamus, heather shoots, juniper fruits, pine buds, nettle grass and streaks. Also, the grass of the beech, shepherd’s bag, yarrow, marigold and chamomile flowers, rhizome of the mountain snake, burdock root. Sage leaves.

Use it in a warm form 30 minutes before meals.

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