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Buckwheat diet

гречневая диетаPerhaps one of the most useful and effective diets  today, it is a diet of steamed buckwheat. You don’t have to starve on this diet. The total duration of the diet can be from one to two weeks. Then you need to give the body a rest for about a month and you can go back to the buckwheat diet. This diet will not only help you lose at least seven pounds, but also help the body to clean up, and also give rest to the stomach and intestines.

The most popular diet is buckwheat with kefir. Buckwheat is the most favorite cereal of nutritionists, it does not give the body a lot of carbohydrates, but it contains a huge amount of useful substances — minerals, vitamins, proteins and amino acids. Precisely because it is so useful and rich in trace elements, doctors recommend using buckwheat as often as possible.  Kefir is also useful for the body, primarily because it is a source of calcium and some vitamins necessary for our body. Kefir contributes to the proper functioning of the entire digestive system. That is why a diet that combines the use of buckwheat and kefir is very useful. It will make the skin healthy, clean the liver, and help to improve the work of the intestines. And, of course, lose weight.

Buckwheat for a diet should be prepared in a very simple way. Take buckwheat, pour boiling water, drain the water and pour boiling water again to the cereal. Calculate the amount of cereals and water as follows: for one glass of buckwheat, you need to take one and a half glasses of water. After all the preparations, wrap up the porridge and leave it overnight. You don’t need to cook buckwheat for a diet.

What is the approximate menu for the buckwheat diet? You need to remember that you can eat porridge in the amount that the body requires. But keep in mind: you can not salt, add oil and spices to the porridge. Also, you can not eat before going to bed, the last meal should be four hours before bedtime. You need to drink a liter of kefir a day. Kefir is preferably low-fat. You need to drink kefir half an hour after or before a meal.

You can drink water without restrictions, you can also drink green or herbal tea, coffee or black tea occasionally.  The more water you drink, the easier it is for your body to lose weight.

During the diet, be sure to take a complex of vitamins.

You need to leave the diet gradually, including one after another vegetables, chicken breast, fish, fruit, but not persimmons, grapes and bananas. Also, after a diet, you can not overeat, eat a lot of fat and sweet.  And no late-night snacking and eating at night. Otherwise, the pounds will come back again.

Having decided to go on a buckwheat diet, it is advisable to consult a doctor, especially if there are chronic diseases. With caution, people with low blood pressure and hemoglobin should enter the diet, if there are unpleasant sensations, the diet should be stopped. The diet is strictly contraindicated for pregnant and nursing mothers. 

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