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Can I donate blood if I have a tattoo?

Могу ли я сдать кровь, если у меня есть татуировка?

When you decided to draw this gorgeous hibiscus flower on your forearm, you may not have thought about what a tattoo might mean for your ability to donate blood. But now that your blood supply has dropped to a critically low level (due to COVID-19), you may have felt the urge to donate blood-only to be told by some “well-meaning” person (of course from Vkontakte) that you can’t donate blood because of your tattoo.

Is it true that you can’t donate blood if you have a tattoo?

No, that’s definitely not true. People with tattoos can donate blood. In fact, blood donation centers will welcome you and your beautiful ink with open arms.

It’s a myth that people with tattoos are not allowed to donate blood.

The reason you might be asked to wait a few months after getting a tattoo is to make sure you haven’t contracted hepatitis. Keep in mind that this restriction applies to cosmetic tattoos, such as permanent eyeliner, as well as skin art. But the tattoo itself does not deprive you of the opportunity to ever donate blood.

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