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Drug-induced rhinitis – dependence on nasal drops. Treatment

Drug-induced rhinitis-dependence on vasoconstrictive drops. We are all familiar with such an unpleasant phenomenon as a runny nose. It always occurs inopportunely – at work, at home, on the eve of an important event or trip. Of course, everyone wants to quickly put themselves in order, because the runny nose does not give rest either day or night. What remedies for the common cold are used first? First of all,[…]


Diagnosis and treatment of allergies. A brief overview of drugs

The main condition for successful allergy treatment is the complete exclusion of contact with the allergen. The provocateur can be anything – medicines, food, animal hair, dust, cosmetics, hygiene products, plant pollen, microorganisms, and much more. Determining the source of an allergy is usually very difficult. For example, at home, we may come into contact with food, household dust, invisible ticks, animal hair, household chemicals, cosmetics. Even natural down, which[…]


The mechanism of action of NSAIDs, their classification. Rating of NSAIDs.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) they are firmly embedded in our lives. When the temperature is high, we take ibuprofen, paracetamol or nimesulide, if the joints are sore – diclofenac or meloxicam, for headaches-analgin or aspirin. Even in the most modest home medicine cabinet, some of these drugs must be present. Hardly anyone thought that this is one class of drugs – nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). All of them have the[…]


Fats and their function in the human body-Simple medicine

What do we associate with fat? Almost everyone is overweight, and some of us will also remember about cholesterol, which clogs the blood vessels. “Fat phobia” is inherent in many people, even despite the new, more progressive trends of dietetics, where the emphasis is placed on reducing carbohydrates in the diet, not fat. Most people who lose weight still avoid them in every possible way, eating low-fat foods. Always whether[…]


Menopause or menopause. Symptoms and ways to correct changes.

Many women at the very word menopause fall into depression. But there are also those who are not at all shy about their age and the processes that occur in the body. And indeed, what is the point of being embarrassed or afraid of anything, if the menopause is a natural process. Many people know that there comes a certain period in a woman’s life when she loses the ability[…]

Do the injection correctly

Selection of the dose of insulin for a type 1 diabetic. Do the injection correctly

Treatment of type 1 diabetes has its own characteristics, and therefore a separate article is devoted to it. The causes of type 1 and type 2 diabetes differ from each other, which means that the principles of treatment will be different. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is insulin-dependent. At the moment when the first symptoms appear, 70-80% of the beta cells of the pancreas are already destroyed, and unfortunately there is[…]