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Causes and signs of diabetes mellitus. Obesity and diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is a fairly common disease, around which there is a lot of different information, unfortunately, not always useful. It is believed that every tenth inhabitant of the globe has this disease, and given the fact that some people have a hidden clinic, and even more. Many people know that diabetes is a disease associated with an increase in blood sugar, but not everyone knows where this sugar comes[…]


What the pancreas does. Its structure and functions.

The pancreas is one of the largest organs of the digestive system. The structure of the pancreas is quite complex, because it performs the most important functions in the human body. The pancreas is responsible for the synthesis of enzymes and hormones that are involved in the process of digestion and metabolism. Structure of the pancreas In order to understand how the pancreas works, it is necessary to consider its[…]


Ketone bodies in the urine and blood. Reasons for their increase

Ketone bodies are by-products of fat metabolism. Have you ever heard of ketone bodies? If you are interested in this article, then probably-yes. The presence of ketone bodies in the urine and blood can be associated with a number of diseases and conditions associated with a violation of the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Most often – these are diabetes mellitus, infectious diseases, pregnancy, stress, hormonal disorders, errors in nutrition[…]

food salt

Food salt – sodium and potassium. What is useful and harmful salt?

Food salt has long been firmly established in our lives and continues to hold a leading position. Almost no dish can do without it, it is added even to butter dough to enhance the taste. Food salt has a simple chemical formula, and yet participates in very complex chemical reactions. Interestingly, it is not synthesized in the human body, that is, the only option for obtaining salt is with food.[…]


Rules of healthy sleep. Sleep hormones-melatonin and growth hormone.

Healthy sleep is the key to good health. It affects our mood, performance, appearance and health of the whole body. If you regularly feel unwell, weak, absent-minded, then the first question you need to ask yourself is do I sleep enough?  The problem of sleep disorders is not far-fetched, because 40% of people chronically do not get enough sleep. This article will tell you about the rules of healthy sleep,[…]


Symptoms, treatment and prevention of food toxicoinfections

Food poisoning is a nuisance that can happen to any of us. Food is not only a source of energy and pleasure. Unfortunately, food is a breeding ground for a number of harmful microorganisms.  Regardless of the time of year, the place of purchase of products and the method of preparation, there is always a risk of poisoning. In this article, we will talk about the most common food toxicoinfections[…]