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Diet #1

  • The principles of diet as the No. 1
  • Version of the diet № 1A

The diet under the conditional number 1A is prescribed to the patient with an exacerbation of gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer in the first week of the disease, exacerbation of chronic gastritis, acute gastritis on 2-4 days of treatment.

It is prescribed for feeding the patient in bed with the aim of maximum mechanical, thermal and chemical sparing of the gastrointestinal tract, which helps to reduce inflammation, improve the healing of ulcers.

Principles of diet No. 1

The proposed diet No. 1A is characterized by a reduced energy value due to a reduction in carbohydrates and a small amount of protein and fat. The amount of salt is significantly reduced, and foods and dishes that injure the stomach and irritate its mucous membrane are completely excluded from the diet. Food is prepared only mashed, boiled in water or in steam, brought in a liquid or mushy state. Exclude from the use of hot and cold dishes. It is recommended to eat 6 meals a day in small portions. At night, milk is recommended.

bread and flour products are completely excluded from the diet.

Soups are prepared only in a slimy form, from oatmeal, rice, pearl barley with the addition of milk mixture, butter.

Meat dishes are allowed in the form of lean beef or veal, rabbit, chicken, turkey. Peeled from the skin and fat, the meat is cooked, passed through a small meat grinder, served as a puree or steam souffle once a day.

Steamed souffle of fish without skin from lean varieties (instead of meat).

from dairy products exclude fermented milk drinks, cheese, sour cream, cottage cheese.

Egg dishes are allowed either soft-boiled or steamed omelette.

liquid porridge is allowed   from semolina, cereal flour, mashed buckwheat, or oatmeal.  Rice porridge with milk added.

All types of vegetables and all types of snacks, sauces, spices and seasonings are completely excluded from use.

The diet menu includes jelly and jelly made of sweet berries and fruits, honey, milk jelly. Raw berries and fruits, sweet confectionery are excluded.

From drinks it is allowed slightly brewed tea, it is possible with milk, a decoction of rosehip, juices from fresh berries and fruits, diluted by half. It is undesirable to use coffee, cocoa, drinks with gas.

Fresh butter and refined vegetable oils are added to ready meals.

Version of the diet № 1A

for the first breakfast, 2 soft-boiled eggs and a glass of milk are offered. for the 2nd breakfast, milk is given. At lunch, the patient is offered oatmeal slimy soup, fish or chicken steamed souffle, fruit jelly. For afternoon tea, you can offer a decoction of rosehip. For dinner, you will be offered mashed rice or oatmeal porridge, milk. And when you go to bed, you can drink a glass of milk.

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