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Diet #5

  • Principles of diet No. 5
  • Diet menu# 5

diet under the conditional number 5 is used for diseases of the stomach – gastritis and cholecystitis in the recovery stage, cirrhosis of the liver without exacerbations, cholelithiasis and chronic cholecystitis. In all these cases, such a diet is used in severe remission of the disease of the stomach and intestines.

The principle of supply proposed for use is chemical sparing of the liver in the condition of nutrition, promote normalization of liver function and activity of the biliary tract, improving bile flow.

Principles of diet No. 5

The set of products should contain the proper amount of protein and carbohydrates, while limiting refractory fats. it is necessary to avoid products that contain a lot of nitrogenous substances, cholesterol components, oxalic acid, fat oxidation products that occur during frying. Dishes should be prepared only boiled, baked and very rarely stewed. Need to wipe only a rough meat and some vegetables. It is necessary to exclude from the diet very cold dishes.

It is necessary to observe the regime and the multiplicity of meals at least 5 times a day.

From the consumed bread products, it is necessary to exclude very fresh bread, sweet and rich dough, fried..

First courses are prepared on vegetable broth, vegetarian borscht and soups without frying.

Exclude meat and mushroom broths, fish broths, okroshka, green borscht.

Meat dishes are prepared from low-fat or low-fat poultry, young beef, chicken, young turkey.

It is necessary to exclude from the diet fatty meats, goose, duck, liver, liver, most sausages, except dairy or doctor’s, canned meat and fish, dried, smoked and salted fish.

Dairy products are mostly not limited, but the diet excludes cream, milk with a fat content of 6% or higher, fatty sour cream and cottage cheese, spicy and salty cheese.

Egg products are used almost without restrictions with the exception of hard-boiled and fried eggs.

It is allowed to use various cereals for the preparation of cereals, puddings, with the exception of beans and other legumes.

From the vegetable diet exclude spinach, sorrel, radish, onions, green and onion, garlic, mushrooms in any form, marinades.

It is forbidden to feed patients with spicy and fatty snacks, smoked meats, pickles, caviar of any kind.

it is necessary to reduce the consumption of sugar, eat more fruits and berries (except sour) – in raw, boiled, baked form. Compotes of dried fruits, jelly, jelly, mousse, jam. Marmalades, non-chocolate candies, honey. Chocolate, products with butter cream, ice cream are not recommended.

from spices it is allowed to use sweet vegetable gravies, dill, parsley, vanillin. Undesirable spicy seasonings-mustard, pepper, horseradish.

Drinks are allowed almost everything, with the exception of strong tea, black instant and custard coffee, cocoa, cold drinks and drinks with gas.

Butter and vegetable oil in fresh form and in dishes is recommended not to limit, exclude pork and beef fat, fats.

As an example, you can give a menu option that corresponds to diet No. 5.

Diet menu# 5

1st breakfast: cottage cheese with sour cream, oatmeal porridge with milk, from drinks-weak tea.

2nd breakfast: baked apple.

Lunch: vegetable vegetarian soup with the addition of vegetable oil, chicken meat in boiled form, boiled rice, compote of dried fruits.

Afternoon tea: a glass of rosehip broth.

Dinner: boiled fish with vegetable sauce, mashed potatoes, cheesecake with cottage cheese, tea.

At night: kefir.

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