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Diet #6

  • Principles of the diet No. 6
  • Recommended diet menu # 6

Gout is a rather insidious disease associated with impaired kidney function. In the case of the disease, the joints of a person, mainly the fingers or toes, knees, elbows are affected by uric acid salts deposited in them. If you do not start treatment in time, gout can cover all the joints without exception, severely restrict mobility, and, in the end, lead to a wheelchair. Conservative medical treatment is prescribed. Dietary nutrition plays a huge role in the treatment of gout. In the classifier of dietary nutrition, diet No. 6 is intended for feeding patients with gout and urolithiasis. Nutrition should help normalize metabolism, reduce the level of uric acid, salts of this acid.

Principles of the diet No. 6

Such results can be achieved by excluding foods containing oxalic acid from the diet, reducing the amount of salt consumed, increasing dairy products and vegetables, increasing the amount of liquid, and completely excluding fried foods from the diet.

White and black bread is allowed, various pastries, protein-bran bread. Sweet pastries are excluded from the diet.

Vegetarian soups, lean borscht, vegetable soups with potatoes, okroshka, beetroot soup, dairy soups with cereals are used.

Meat and fish broths, mushroom broths, green borscht with sorrel, spinach, pea and bean soups are excluded.

Meat, fish and poultry are used low-fat. The number of products is limited to 200 g per serving, no more than 3 doses per week. First, the products are boiled, and then allowed to be further processed-fried, baked, stewed.

Liver products, liver, brains, young meat, smoked meat and fish, canned fish and meat, salted fish, caviar are not used.

Dairy and fermented milk products are used without restrictions.

Sharp and fatty types of cheese are excluded from everyday use.

Eggs can be eaten in any form, but only no more than one piece per day.

Cereals are used almost without restrictions in any form, with the exception of peas and beans.

Vegetables without restrictions in any form and in any processing. Potatoes in soups and as a side dish. Mushroom dishes, legumes, sorrel, rhubarb, and cauliflower are excluded. Salted and pickled in small quantities.

Salads and appetizers are fresh, sauerkraut, vinaigrettes, eggplant caviar.

Salty and spicy snacks, canned food, caviar are not used.

Sweets in any form, except for chocolate and chocolates, creams, berries and fruits without restrictions, in any form of cooking. Dried fruit compotes, milk jelly, marmalade, jam, honey.

Raspberries and cranberries are not recommended.

Spices and sauces on vegetable broth, tomato paste, cinnamon, Bay leaf, dill, parsley.

Sauces with meat, mushroom or fish broth, pepper, mustard and horseradish are excluded.

Teas with lemon, weak coffee with milk, fruit and berry juices, kvass, compotes.

It is not recommended to use strong black coffee or cocoa.

Recommended diet menu # 6

1st Breakfast: cabbage salad with vegetable oil, omelette, Apple pudding, tea.

2nd Breakfast: tomato juice.

Lunch: vegetable okroshka, fried chicken cutlets, dried fruit compote.

Afternoon tea: fresh Apple and pear.

Dinner: cabbage rolls with carrots, cheesecakes with sour cream, tea with milk.

At night: kefir.

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