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Diet #8

  • The principles of diet №8
  • One of the options for the daily diet menu number 8

Диета №8Obesity is one of the most common diseases in our rapid age. Nervous overload, constant sedentary work, violation of the regime and composition of nutrition, unfavorable ecology, the use of chemicals in the production of not only plant but also animal food often lead to metabolic disorders and, as a result, the appearance of excess weight. Snacking on the go in a fast food system, eating a large meal at dinner instead of lunch, and eating fatty and fried foods can also lead to obesity.

The causes of obesity can be heredity or physiological processes occurring in the body-pregnancy and subsequent feeding of the child, menopausal changes, the onset of old age.

The resulting obesity often leads to a violation of the functioning of the endocrine system, which leads to such concomitant diseases as diabetes, atherosclerosis, the formation of kidney stones and a lot of other disorders.

Diet number 8 is aimed at non-drug effect of the metabolic function, limiting the intake of energy-intensive products. The consumption of carbohydrates, fats, liquids, salt, and appetite-stimulating foods is sharply reduced. Fried, pureed and lumpy food are excluded from the diet. The thermal background of the dishes does not matter.

The principles of diet №8

The consumption of bread is reduced to 150 grams per day, mainly coarse rye, dietary bran or protein. White bread made from premium flour, butter and puff pastry are excluded.

The number of soups is reduced to 250-300 gr for lunch, with vegetables, limited potatoes and cereals, okroshka, beetroot. Once a week, you can serve low-fat soup with meat or fish broth, meatballs. It is forbidden to eat fatty meat and fish broths, dairy with pasta, bean soups.

Meat and poultry with a weight limit of up to 200 g, low-fat, boiled, stewed or baked. Lean pork or lamb once or twice a week.

Exclude from the diet of fatty meats, goose, duck, any sausage, canned food, ham, sausages.

Fish in the diet is prepared as well as meat in boiled, baked or fried form, seafood. Salted, smoked, fish in marinade, canned food in tomato and oil, caviar are excluded.

Only low-fat dairy products, including sour cream, cottage cheese, and low-fat cheeses. Exclude from the diet fatty and salty cheeses, cottage cheese with high fat content (over 9 %), yoghurts, sweet cheeses, corn milk and fermented baked milk.

Eggs can be eaten no more than 2 pieces per day, with the exception of fried ones.

Cereals are used very sparsely. Buckwheat, pearl barley, and barley are used as side dishes, but only when the amount of bread is reduced. Rice, semolina, oatmeal, legumes, and pasta are excluded.

Vegetables are allowed to be consumed in large quantities, but only in raw form. The consumption of potatoes, carrot dishes, and legumes is restricted. Pickles and marinades with vegetables are excluded.

Snacks and vegetable salads are not limited, boiled meat or fish without mayonnaise. Seafood, you can have a portion of aspic, a piece of low-fat ham. Spicy or fatty snacks that excite the appetite are excluded.

Fresh fruits and berries, unsweetened compotes, jellies, mousses with sugar substitutes.

Sweet fruits are excluded-dates, figs, bananas, raisins, dried apricots, cakes and various confectionery products, honey, ice cream.

Sauces are excluded sharp and fatty, prepared on the basis of mayonnaise and just mayonnaise, spices.

Drinks include tea, coffee with milk, and tomato juice. All sweet juices and cocoa are excluded

The rate of consumption of butter is limited to 20 g per day, vegetable oil is used for refueling dishes. Heavy meat fats, margarine and cooking fats are not consumed.

One of the options for the daily diet menu number 8

1st Breakfast: seafood salad, cottage cheese pudding, tea.

2nd Breakfast: fresh apples.

Lunch: beetroot soup (250 gr) and half a teaspoon of sour cream, baked fish with crumbly buckwheat, black coffee with milk.

Afternoon snack: steamed omelette.

Dinner: boiled meat, vegetable stew, tea.

Kefir for the night.


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