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Fiber for weight loss and body cleansing

клетчатка для похуденияAlmost every dietitian sees a large set of vegetables and fruits as the basis of a healthy diet. Of course, they are rich in vitamins and they are low in calories, but is this the only thing that helps a person lose weight and be healthy? Of course not. First of all, fruits and vegetables are the richest source of fiber for the body. Fiber, in turn, helps good digestion and bowel function. After all, it is digestive problems that cause the accumulation of excess fat and toxins, and, accordingly, excess weight.

Fiber is a plant fiber that is both insoluble and soluble.

The insoluble type of fiber, getting to our stomach, does not dissolve in the water we drink, but simply swells. Accordingly, the amount of food that is needed for saturation decreases. Also, passing through the esophagus, fiber absorbs toxins and slags, removing them with itself. Reduces fiber and the content of harmful cholesterol and bile acid. Therefore, there is a good cleansing and recovery of the body. Insoluble fiber is found in some fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes.

Soluble fiber lives up to its name. It dissolves under the action of water, and a jelly-like mixture is formed. Under the influence of liquid, it swells in the stomach and helps to quickly get enough, the feeling of hunger will not come for a very long time, and the number of calories consumed will be minimal. Oats, barley, seaweed, legumes and some types of fruit are rich in soluble fiber.

Each type of fiber helps to create a good environment for the life of bacteria that contribute to the normal functioning of the digestive system.  Research shows that a lack of fiber causes problems in the digestive system. To fight inflammatory processes in the intestines, as well as prevent their occurrence, it is necessary to use fiber. Some researchers believe that eating fiber helps reduce the likelihood of developing colon and rectal cancer. By removing cholesterol, fiber helps the cardiovascular system work well. Also reduces the risk of stone formation in the gallbladder. Thanks to all these wonderful properties and invaluable benefits for the body, fiber is the basis for a healthy diet of proper nutrition.

In addition to cleansing the body, fiber will help you lose weight. Of course, good digestion contributes to weight loss, but this is not only the help of fiber. Foods rich in fiber reduce the fat layer of the body. Fiber also helps reduce blood sugar levels, which is invaluable for people with diabetes. When you use fiber, the level of insulin produced increases, this allows you to reduce the level of glucose, and accordingly the body stops accumulating fat. A person loses weight at the same time. Food with a high fiber content is very satisfying, so you need much less food to be saturated.

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