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Grapefruit Oil

масло грейпфрутаGrapefruit oil is a yellow liquid with a pleasant citrus smell. It is obtained from the fruit and peel of grapefruit. The oil is very useful, contains various vitamins, organic acids and mineral salts. It has a restorative and tonic effect.

Using a little grapefruit, you can relieve depression and improve mood, as well as improve a person’s mental activity. And it also increases immunity, helps the gallbladder and liver. Reduces hunger, reduces weight and normalizes fat metabolism in the human body. Grapefruit oil will help remove toxins and cholesterol.

If you use grapefruit oil for cosmetic purposes, the sebaceous glands of your skin will become normal, pimples and redness will disappear. But remember, you can not apply oil to the skin before going out in the sun, as it increases the photosensitivity of the skin. it is better to carry out the procedure two to three hours before going outside.

If you have experienced a lot of stress or just want to improve the functioning of your nervous system, do a light massage with grapefruit oil. Pay special attention to the wrists, calves, neck and head, as well as the upper back. It is ideal to carry out such a procedure before going to bed. In the morning, you will need to take a shower and rub yourself with a towel. it will be much easier for you. The course should be carried out for up to three weeks, repeating every evening and morning.

Grapefruit oil will help to restore the body after the disease. you should start taking the oil when the main peak of the disease is overcome, but you need additional strength to restore the body’s performance. It is then that grapefruit oil will help, you can rub it, do a massage, take a bath and do dry inhalations. And you can also flavor the room.

Baths can be taken sedentary and recumbent, just add a few drops of oil to feel the aroma of grapefruit and inhale the vapors.

the best time for a grapefruit oil massage is in the morning, rub your chest and back well, then dress warmly.

Excellent oil helps if taken orally. To do this, drop a couple of drops in warm tea or juice. You can also mix honey (one tablespoon ) and 2-3 drops of grapefruit oil.

And you can also take grapefruit oil when going to the sauna or bath. Its wonderful aroma will help to relieve headaches and nervous tension, fill you with energy and lift your mood.

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