Hematoma-treat with folk remedies - Traditional medicine and medicinal plants

Hematoma-treat with folk remedies

Гематома - лечим народными средствами

     What should I do if I have a hematoma? You can use the advice of traditional medicine and try to cure it yourself at home.

     As follows from medical practice, a hematoma is formed either with a bruise of the vessel (s), or with a rupture of the walls of the vessel (s), as a result of which there is a hemorrhage under the skin, and blood accumulates in the tissues.

     Immediately after the injury-cold (reduces hemorrhage), from the second day after the injury-hot water bottles and compresses for resorption of the tumor.

     As soon as an injury (bruise) has occurred, you should immediately (of course, if there is a practical possibility) apply a cold substance to the bruise-ice or a cloth soaked in cold water. If at the same time the skin is damaged so much that an infection can get into the blood, you should lubricate the bruised area with any antiseptic that is at hand: vodka, alcohol, cologne and other similar things. If there is nothing wrong, rinse the bruised area with fresh urine, if you are sure that your (or someone else’s) urine is clean, without infection.

     This is the first step in the fight against hematoma: cold will stop a wide hemorrhage, disinfection will exclude infection.

     It does not interfere with the first day 2-3 times to lubricate the bruised area with an antiseptic.
     On the second day, take measures to quickly heal the bruise.

Compresses, removing the hematoma:

– with the juice or napar of celandine (1 tbsp. l per glass of boiling water), moisten (preferably linen) a very clean cloth, folded in four. Apply to the hematoma, tie it with a warm compress. After a few hours — refresh;
– soak the cloth with garlic water (the average head of garlic per 200 gr. of warm boiled water, crush the garlic well and be sure to strain. Keep garlic water closed in the refrigerator. Soak the fabric and apply a compress;
– soak the compress cloth with a napar of wormwood (1 tablespoon per glass of boiling water). Apply a compress.
     Compresses can be alternated. Do it until the hematoma disappears.

     Poultices: instead of compresses, you can make poultices — in the napar of celandine or wormwood (see above), wet a clean linen cloth and solder the hematoma. For convenience, put a glass or porcelain vessel in boiling water — the poultices should be hot.

     You can “steam” the bruise (if it is convenient to lower the bruised place in the napar) in the napar of celandine or wormwood, and then put a compress (see above). Then the hematoma will go away faster.

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