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How to cure cervical erosion using traditional methods

эрозия шейки маткиCervical erosion is a change in the cervix that is pathological in nature. Erosion can occur at any age. This disease requires professional treatment and thorough examination. After all, due to erosion, infections can enter the uterus and ovaries. Untreated erosion can lead to chronic inflammation, and later to infertility. Also, erosion can degenerate into malignant, and this is a danger to life. That is why cervical erosion must be treated.

The main causes of cervical erosion are hormonal disorders, congenital erosions (occur before the age of 23), cervical defectsthat appear after childbirth or abortion, as well as inflammation. Inflammatory processes are often accompanied by secretions that loosen and irritate the cervical mucosa.

Cervical erosion is usually not accompanied by any symptoms, so it can only be detected when examined by a gynecologist. Therefore, it is recommended to visit a doctor at least once every six months.

You can also treat cervical erosion with folk remedies, in most cases they are very effective.

  • Prepare an infusion of calendula for douching. Take one teaspoon of 2% calendula tincture and dilute it in one glass of water (you can take a little less). Such douches help not only with erosion, but also with thrush.
  • When erosion occurs, you can use a tampon soaked in a special composition. To prepare it, mix 15 ml of calendula tincture, 15 ml of 20% propolis tincture and 60 g of lanolin. This composition is used to impregnate a regular tampon and enter the vagina for 10-12 hours, the procedure should be performed before bedtime, and in the morning the tampon should be removed.
  • Excellent helps tampons with sea buckthorn oil, healing usually occurs in 8-12 days. These tampons can be used even for pregnant women.
  • You can also prepare this composition for impregnating tampons: take half a glass of water and dissolve 2.5 g of mummy in it, soak the tampon and enter the vagina at night.
  • Prepare a solution for douching. Take 600g of fir and 100g of viburnum branches, put in water and cook for 10 minutes. Leave the broth overnight to infuse. In the morning, you can douche, but before the procedure, you need to warm up the composition. The course of treatment is one month, and sexual activity is prohibited.
  • You can also prepare a solution of eucalyptus tincture for douching. Take one teaspoon of tincture and add to one glass of boiled warm water.
  • Take a gauze or a wide bandage, fold it in three layers, put one teaspoon of honey and wrap it in a tube, tie it with a thread. This tampon should be placed at night in the vagina. In the morning, remove the tampon, first you can see the blood, with further treatment and wound healing, the tampon will be lighter and completely clean.
  • You will need a Golden mustache oil solution. To prepare the solution, mix one teaspoon of alcohol tincture of Golden mustache and 2.5 tablespoons of boiled vegetable oil. In this solution, you need to moisten a tampon and insert it into the vagina for half an hour, then remove it. The procedure should be performed every day, the course of treatment-15-20 days.


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