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How to get rid of mosquito bites

средства от укусов комаровAlthough most mosquito bites are not life-threatening and do not carry any infectious diseases, they still cause a lot of trouble from severe itching to a large tumor. Therefore, it is necessary to treat the bite. Moreover, if the bite site is combed, a wound appears through which you can enter the infection, and such places heal very poorly, because an allergic reaction may appear.  To begin with, the bite site can be smeared with baby cream and treated with any antiseptic, even the usual Zelenka will do. The itching and swelling will gradually pass.

What other remedies can be used to treat a mosquito bite?

1. good remedies for mosquito bites are fish oil. It not only relieves irritation, but is also able to drive away the insect. To do this, grease unprotected areas or places of bites.

2. a mixture of clove oil and Cologne in a ratio of 1:10 will also Help. This tool is very disliked by insects, so they will not bite you.

3. Mix table vinegar with wormwood juice and also treat the skin with this product.

4. Excellent remedy for mosquito bites, which were used even by our ancestors, is common garlic. To use, take a clove of garlic, crush it in a garlic press, and dilute the resulting mush with water. Take a small piece of cloth or cotton wool, moisten it in the mush and attach it to the sore spot. The itching and redness will quickly pass, and the swelling will not appear.

5. To help cope with blisters by the bite of mosquitoes of ordinary table salt. To do this, RUB the bite with salt, but do it very carefully, so as not to damage the irritated skin.

6. Prepare a remedy from peppermint leaves, oak bark, and St. John’s wort leaves and flowers. Take the ingredients in equal amounts and add 200 ml of water, put on fire and boil for 15 minutes on low heat. After the broth cool, strain through cheesecloth and you can apply. On a piece of cloth, apply a little broth and apply to the sore spot, this will help relieve itching and blisters will go away.

7. If you are bitten by a mosquito, you will help the plantain leaves or elderberry. To do this, take a leaf, wash it and attach it to the bitten place. The leaves will not only relieve swelling, but also disinfect the wound.

8. Take one tablespoon of alcohol and mix with three tablespoons of water. Moisten the cotton wool in this composition, the product perfectly eliminates redness and itching after mosquito bites.

9. A great helper in the struggle with the biting soda. To use it, prepare the following solution-take one teaspoon of soda and add to one glass of boiled water.  Wipe the bite area with a moistened cloth or cotton wool, the itching and redness will quickly pass.

10. you can also wipe the place of a mosquito bite with Cologne or alcohol.

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