How to prepare decoctions, infusions, compresses, lotions, solutions for rinsing and baths - Traditional medicine and medicinal plants

How to prepare decoctions, infusions, compresses, lotions, solutions for rinsing and baths

  • Decoctions
  • Infusions
  • Lotions
  • Compresses
  • Liquid for rinsing the oral cavity
  • Therapeutic baths

Decoctions and infusions – water extracts of medicinal raw materials or water solutions of extracts. Decoctions are prepared from coarse plants (bark, roots and rhizomes), and infusions (infusion, napar) are prepared from herbs, flowers, leaves, and buds.


The medicinal plant or part of it from which to prepare the broth must first be crushed, then put in an enamel bowl of a certain capacity, and pour the necessary amount of water, room temperature, and close the lid. Then put it in a boiling pot, so that it is lowered no more than¾, and insist for 30 minutes. Then remove the broth and strain through a gauze layer after 10 minutes. The amount of broth that is not enough, add ordinary boiled water.


They are prepared in the same way as broths, but insist the extract for 15 minutes. After that, the hood is cooled at room temperature for about 45 minutes. Then filter through a double ball of gauze, squeeze slightly, and add an insufficient amount of liquid with boiled water.

Decoctions and infusions are prepared for three to four days, no more. Keep them in a cool place, otherwise they quickly deteriorate. They should be shaken before use. For taste, you can add honey or sugar to them.


To prepare cold lotions, you need to take a piece of gauze folded several times, wet it in cold water, squeeze it out a little and attach it to the required place. Lotions are also made with the addition of the appropriate medicine to the water. For example, at a high temperature, lotions are applied to the head with the addition of vinegar, with the calculation: one tablespoon of vinegar per glass of water. For bruises, make lotions from lead water. Apply lotions for two or three minutes, then change them to a new one. They should not be fixed with a bandage. While one lotion is lying on the sore spot, the second one is being prepared at this time, so fixation is not necessary.


In order to prepare a warming compress, you need to fold the gauze in several layers and moisten it in warm water or vodka of forty degrees. Moistened gauze is pressed and applied to the desired part of the body, then a layer of oilcloth or parchment paper is made, and covered with a ball of cotton wool. Each superimposed ball — (gauze, paper or oilcloth, cotton wool) should be wider than the previous one, by three or five centimeters in all directions. The compress applied in this way is fixed with bandages or, if necessary, with a band-aid.

Liquid for rinsing the oral cavity

You need to take three or four tablespoons of plants or a mixture of several plants, pour into an enamel bowl, pour a few glasses of water at room temperature. Stir the mixture, cover and leave overnight to infuse. In the morning, put the infused mixture on the fire, and without removing the lid, boil for five or seven minutes. Also, without removing the lid, remove the mixture from the heat, and leave covered for another half hour. Then strain the broth and squeeze it out. The broth is used in a warm form, for rinsing the mouth and throat.

Therapeutic baths

They are made from an infusion or decoction of one or more herbs, or simply aromatic baths, for example, from pine needles. For medicinal baths, herbs of thyme, turnip, nettle, oregano, calamus root are used. Forty or sixty grams of raw materials are brewed in two or five liters of boiling water, infused for twenty minutes, or boiled over low heat for ten minutes, then filtered and poured into the bathroom, the water temperature of which is 36-38-40 degrees. You need to stay in a therapeutic bath for about fifteen minutes, and you need to take such baths two or three times a week for fifteen days. After such a bath, you should not take a shower.

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