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Inflammation of the iris – folk recipes

Воспаление радужной оболочки глаза - народные рецепты

     Eyes need to be protected from a young age, because with the help of the organ of vision, a person receives more information from the outside world than with the help of hearing, touch and smell. There are a large number of eye diseases that you should pay attention to in a timely manner in order to preserve your vision. One of them is iritis-inflammation of the iris of the eye. The disease is detected at any age, but the main group of patients falls on the age of 20-40 years.

     Treatment is causal, i.e. it should be aimed at eliminating the cause that caused the disease.

     If you managed to remove the underlying disease, and the eye disease has not yet been eliminated, the eyes should be treated as follows: make lotions with celandine: 1 tbsp. l. dry celandine grass per glass of boiling water, 10 minutes. on a steam bath, infuse for 15 minutes. Drain it. Pour celandine into a porcelain cup, which is placed in a vessel with boiling water.

     Do it lying down. A very clean soft linen cloth, cotton wool or gauze is soaked with hot napar and put on the eyes. As soon as it cools down, wet it hot and put it back on your eyes. Do 30-40 minutes. Preferably 2-3 times a day.

     If there is live celandine juice, dilute with boiled water 1: 1, make lotions as described.

     Rinse eyes with freshly prepared onion juice. Do not dilute with water. If you have the will — pour the onion with an eyedropper directly on the apple of the eye. It is very painful, but it is worth being patient: onions treat any eye disease.

     If the pain scares you, try to put lotions from onions: put cotton wool soaked in juice on your eyes, try to open your eyes a little so that the juice gets on the apple.

     Make lotions from fresh clean urine of your own or someone else’s. Urine should be from a person without acute infections, especially venereal ones.

     In our practice, this was not the case that onions or celandine can be your allergen, i.e. cause even more inflammation. But if you have an allergic reaction, in this case, treatment should be stopped immediately.

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