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Let the skin be smooth!

  • replenish your oxygen supply

пилинг, массажSkin, hidden for months under her clothes, suffering from a lack of oxygen. it becomes rough, exfoliates more slowly. this makes it difficult for nutrients to enter the tissues. Use exfoliation to restore the body’s velvety softness.

A refreshing scrub. the exfoliation procedure is carried out during the evening shower. you can use a peeling cream with exfoliating granules, a 2-in-1 remedy. use it daily for a month. You can also use various recipes for fruit masks to give freshness to our skin.

If the skin is dry, a cream-peeling with small and large granules is suitable. It removes rough areas of the epidermis and makes it smoother.

A healthy color will return to the body peeling with sea salt. It contains magnesium, potassium, iron and iodine, which stimulate microcirculation in the tissues. Similarly, a preparation with algae, rich in amino acids, vitamins and proteins, works.

Massage, rubbing. Squeeze a little of the peeling onto a sponge and massage the body in a circular motion for three minutes. The procedure will eliminate peeling. If you do not have a peeling, you can massage the body with a wet washcloth soaked in salt.

Replenish your oxygen supply

If you feel a lack of energy, it is difficult to look perfect and just attractive. But fatigue can be defeated! We offer you an action plan that will relax the skin and bring pleasant sensations to the whole body.

Stimulation of endorphins. Make it a rule to massage your body with aromatic essential oil twice a week after an evening bath or shower. Remedies with green tea and patchouli stimulate vitality; with ginger, coriander and geranium relieve fatigue.
Massage the body for five minutes, performing circular movements from the feet up, always in the direction of the heart. It will be useful to engage in breathing exercises bodyflex, for full oxygen saturation.

Release energy! Sit by the open window and take a deep breath, then exhale calmly. Breathe for 5-6 minutes. You can do the exercise: sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes and imagine that a soap bubble is floating in the air in front of you. As you inhale, concentrate on it, imagining that the light penetrates into your body and fills it. As you exhale, think of the light coming out through your mouth, taking stress and tension with it. Repeat several times a day. Oxygen stimulates cells to work, they are better fed and, accordingly, are updated faster. Effect? Fresh skin appearance.

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