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Medical starvation

  •  Full course of medical fasting at home: pros and cons»

Therapeutic fasting is designed to ease the patient’s condition, it helps to remove harmful substances from the body that aggravate the destructive effect of the disease. Today, it is used to treat diseases of the nervous system that have occurred after infectious diseases. Hunger helps patients with asthma, digestive organs, skin and joints. After the treatment course, there is a clear improvement, clinical symptoms decrease, and the person is recovering faster. But experts are sure that you can only starve under the strictest supervision of specialists, and, in any case, you should not try to do it yourself.

 Full course of medical fasting at home: pros and cons»

Fasting therapy begins in advance with complete bowel cleansing, carried out with the help of enemas and mineral waters. A person should consume up to two liters of water per day, separately prescribed decoctions of rosehip and prescribed multivitamins. Therapeutic fasting is accompanied by the rejection of all bad habits, a person should disconnect from the world, get away longer from stress and emotions, walk more in the fresh air and enjoy complete peace. On average, one course lasts about two weeks, but sometimes it can last for a month. With proper and strict compliance with all the regulations, a person on average loses up to 20% of the body weight of the total weight. Getting out of medical fasting is also necessary correctly, restorative nutrition is designed to return the patient to the normal chain of the diet.

Is it possible to starve at home? Independently without a doctor’s permission-definitely “no”. As a rule, they begin to starve only in order to lose their excess weight, and not to defeat a dangerous disease. It is impossible to get rid of the hated kilograms with the help of hunger, therapeutic fasting does not give a lasting effect, it solves other important tasks – it ensures the removal of harmful elements. Uncontrolled fasting leads to disastrous results. Lactic acid accumulates in the blood, protein metabolism and acid-base balance are disturbed. This can cause a sharp drop in blood pressure and mental disorders. The skin, as a rule, begins to turn gray, hair falls out, and irreversible changes may begin in all internal organs. Therefore, therapeutic fasting takes place only under the supervision of a whole group of specialists.

At home, you can spend only twenty-four hours of therapeutic fasting. Day, a person can only drink water. You can add a spoonful of honey or lemon juice to it, they will help to dissolve some toxins, which means that they will be removed from the body faster and easier.

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