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Medicinal properties of quince

  • Useful decoction of quince seeds

польза айвыDo you know how useful this fruit is? Even in ancient times, quince fruits were used to fight thirst and strengthen the stomach.

Quince fruits can be eaten fresh, dried and baked. Quince will help to remove excess fluid from the body, get rid of gastrointestinal disorders and vomiting. Also treats quince and some liver diseases, as well as anemia. quince juice is useful for convulsions, diseases of the spleen and dropsy.

Quince fruits are rich in vitamins, as well as phenolic compounds, minerals and organic metals.  It also contains tannins and pectin. Even if the quince fruit is processed, for example, to make jam, jam or compote, it still retains a lot of vitamin C, which our body needs for strong immunity.

To prepare useful medicines, not only the fruits themselves are suitable, but also the skin, seeds, young leaves and other parts of the quince.

Decoctions from the seeds of the fruit are excellent to use as a laxative, emollient and enveloping means. It also helps with diseases of the throat and cough. Women will help a decoction of quince seeds for uterine bleeding.

you can use the seeds not only inside, but also externally for the treatment of baldness and eye diseases.

Put a couple of seeds under your tongue before a performance or a long conversation, hold it in your mouth for half an hour and spit it out, you will not be thirsty and your mouth will not dry up.

Useful decoction of quince seeds

This is a magic decoction, it will help with bronchitis, tracheitis, sore throat and cough. It has a small laxative, analgesic and emollient effect for gastrointestinal problems.  The decoction will also help in the treatment of burns, cracks on the lips and skin diseases. Apply as a lotion to the sore eye and the bald part of the head.

To prepare the broth, take 300 ml of water and add one teaspoon of quince seeds to it. Preheat in a water bath for about 15 minutes. Cover with a lid, wrap in a towel and let stand for two hours. Then strain through cheesecloth. Take inside the decoction should be half a glass three times a day before meals.

варенье из айвыPrepare a vitamin preparation from quince, which will help to raise the immune system.

This preparation can be added to water, and any hot, cold or carbonated, quickly turns out a delicious, healthy and invigorating drink. And you can also add a spoonful of the billet to the tea instead of lemon, it turns out very tasty.

To prepare the preparation, take clean and fresh quince fruits and peel them from the skin. Then pass through a meat grinder and add sugar. Add the same amount of sugar as the quince mass you got. Store the workpiece in the refrigerator, so it will retain all the useful vitamins and properties.

but also do not forget that when using a large amount of quince, constipation may occur due to the large amount of tannins in the fruit. Mothers who are breastfeeding should keep in mind that these substances also penetrate into breast milk , as a result, the child may have constipation or bloating of the tummy, dill water will help perfectly.

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