Normalize blood pressure at home - Traditional medicine and medicinal plants

Normalize blood pressure at home

Нормализуем давление в домашних условиях

     For the average person, the pressure standard is 80 to 120. Your blood pressure jumps up, it does not allow you to live in peace. The pressure jumped – it is not necessary to immediately run to the pharmacy, try to cope with the help of traditional medicine. Below are several different recipes for dealing with high blood pressure, all of them are harmless and effective. But each person is unique and you should choose the most suitable of these recipes yourself.

Normalize the pressure. Carrots and beets

     200 g of carrot and beet juice, pour into an enameled bowl, add 200 g of honey, 100 g of alcohol and cranberry juice. All juices must be natural. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and leave for three days. Dosage a spoonful three times a day.

Normalize the pressure. Hawthorn

     For the next recipe, we need a kilogram of hawthorn berries. Wash the berries and peel them from the seeds, then fill them with water and leave them overnight. In the morning, boil the berries in the same water. The resulting decoction should be drunk twice before meals for 100 ml., for a whole month.

Normalize the pressure. Honey and onions

     We take a glass of May honey and onion juice, add 50 g of lemon peel, previously passed through a meat grinder. The medicine should be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Take after meals, three hours a day, three times.

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Normalize the pressure. Herbal collection

     For this recipe, you will need the following herbs: motherwort, dried apricot, hawthorn, chamomile. For a liter of boiling water, you need two spoons of herbs, all herbs take 5 parts, except for chamomile 2 parts. Leave to infuse for twenty minutes. The dosage is 100 ml three times a day.   

Normalize the pressure. Proper nutrition

     People suffering from high blood pressure, it is very necessary to pay attention to proper nutrition. Add more vegetables and fruits to your diet. It is useful to eat: garlic, tomatoes, beets, cottage cheese, bananas, salmon, celery, legumes.

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