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On what day does the loss of smell occur in coronavirus? When will it return?

Потеря обоняния при коронавирусе

One of the most common symptoms of coronavirus (and sometimes the only one) is loss of smell. In this article, we will look at what day of the disease it disappears, and when it returns.

On what day does the loss of smell occur?

Loss of smell is one of the first symptoms of coronavirus, it occurs on the 3rd-5th day of the disease.

It is believed that the loss of sense of smell may be a protective reaction of the body, and not the defeat of the senses by the disease. However, it is recommended to remove inflammation and swelling of the mucosa with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and hormonal sprays. Also, as an option, the usual washing of the nose with a solution based on sea salt is considered.

How many days will your sense of smell return?

The sense of smell will return when the receptors are restored, and this depends on the physical data of a particular person. According to statistics, the sense of smell begins to recover 14 days after full recovery, but there are also cases when this happens earlier (mainly with a mild course of the disease and with anosmia as the only symptom).

About a quarter of those who have been ill manage to recover in 2 weeks, while the rest need more time – this may take months after recovery (2-3 months).

Some scientists fear that it is possible to lose the sense of smell forever, but so far this is only a concern, since at the moment it is impossible to talk about long-term research necessary for such statements. There is also an opinion that it is possible, if not a complete loss of smell, then at least its deterioration (not full recovery).

On the Internet, there are many reports from patients who have been ill that the sense of smell is not restored for several months, and for some it is restored only by 50-60%: weak odors are practically not detected by the receptors. Also, many people write that the sense of smell is fully restored in 10-20 days after recovery. So, it all depends on the human body.

Additional information

Loss of sense of smell does not tell us about 100% coronavirus disease. Anosmia and fever may be a sign of flu or other acute respiratory viral infections.

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