Outer inflammation of the popular recipes - Traditional medicine and medicinal plants

Outer inflammation of the popular recipes

Наружное воспаление народные рецепты

External inflammation / Folk medicine External inflammation is recognized by the pulse beat in the inflamed area, By redness of the skin, as well as by swelling with heat in the place where it is inflamed.

     Attention-local external inflammations are dangerous because if they are “started”, they can give rise to an irreversible process — gangrene, cancer.

     Therefore, the slightest local inflammation should be immediately “extinguished”.

     At the very beginning, this is easy to do, and if the local external inflammation has already caused a temperature, you should also drink, simultaneously with compresses and other things


– Napar of the plant (stems, flowers, roots). 1 tablespoon of dry celandine per cup of boiling water, 10 minutes. on a steam bath, insist 15-20 minutes. Strain. Celandine napar is used hot.
If it is convenient, dip and keep the inflamed place in the napar of celandine, in short-to steam, for this, put the vessel with napar in a vessel with boiling water, so that the napar is hot longer
– Napar wormwood-all the same.
– Compresses from napar wormwood (2 tablespoons per glass). Soak a very clean linen cloth four times.
– Compress from napar celandine (2 tablespoons per glass of boiling water).
– Tincture compress: 2 pods of bitter pepper, a large aloe leaf (do not water for a week before removing the leaf), 1 tbsp.spoon of dry celandine, pour 0, 5 liters of vodka (alcohol with water 1: 1, moonshine, disaturate). Stand for 10 days tightly closed in a dark place.
     Such a tincture should always be in the house. It treats cuts, rashes, suppuration, punctures, runny nose (smear the skin in the maxillary area of the nose) Relieves pain with osteochondrosis, with lumbago, etc. (Rubbing).

     An old remedy, crush (or crush with a bottle on a stick) flax seed and knead the mass on yogurt. Apply to the inflamed area on gauze, a linen cloth. Change the compress 3 times a day.

     With” raging ” inflammation with poor health and temperature, along with external means, you should drink inside a little at a time: lime blossom, viburnum, sorrel-1 tbsp. l. per glass of boiling water. Drink warm. Compotes (but do not cook, but insist on boiling water) from sour garden apples, wild sour apples, gooseberries, currant berries (red), cranberries. Drink warm. Warm up and drink sour whey, sauerkraut juice.

     Anything that causes sweating is good.

     You can make a steam bath: fill a bucket or pan with 1/3 water. Bring to a boil. Throw, as it boils, chamomile or yarrow flower or wormwood (a large handful) and immediately remove from the heat, cover After 5 minutes. open and hold the affected area over the steam for 15-20 minutes. If possible, cover the bucket with a clean white cloth to “hold” the steam. After such a steam bath, it is good to put a compress (see above).

     Very good compresses of garlic water or urine (but only clean, without acute infections).

     In case of inflammation of the skin on the face, moss taken with a stone should be applied to the inflamed places, which are washed with running water.

     Inflammation of the facial nerve-heat a large metal needle (“gypsy”) to red. It is easy to touch the skin (tingling) first on the healthy side, then on the sick side. Make a few injections, heating the needle. Traces of micro-burns on the skin will soon disappear without a trace.

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