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Vegetative-vascular neurocirculatory dystonia. Symptoms, treatment

Vegetative-vascular dystonia (VSD) – a mysterious disease. This diagnosis is made to every third person who goes to the doctor, but no one knows exactly how to treat this condition. Many specialists, especially doctors of a narrow profile (cardiologists, neuropathologists), do not consider VSD a disease at all, and indeed, you will not find such a diagnosis in the international classification of diseases ICD 10. At the same time, there[…]


Which fish oil is better? Vitamins and omega-3s. Calculating the dosage

Fish oil in our time is quite a popular food supplement. Previously, it was used in liquid form, and this was a real punishment – not everyone likes the smell and taste of this product. With the release of a new form of release in the form of a gelatin capsule, the food supplement literally received a “second youth”. Fish oil is widely known for its unique properties, contains essential[…]


Structure and function of the large intestine. Bowel cleansing

The large intestine is the last stage of the” journey ” of food in the body. There is its final processing, digestion and preparation for excretion from the body. We often underestimate the role of the large intestine, as it performs many important functions that are not related to digestion. Let’s find out how this organ works, its functions, and what the billions of microorganisms that live in our intestines[…]


ADHD and hyperactivity. Symptoms, methods of correction and treatment

A hyperactive child is not uncommon in our time. every children’s group has a child who behaves more actively than their peers-making noise, shouting, dropping everything and distracting children from playing or studying. These “PEP” in some situations, is a real problem for family members or to others. And the main question that worries the parents of a hyperactive child is whether this behavior is a manifestation of character, or[…]


Psoriasis, its symptoms. What do rashes look like? Treatment and diet

Psoriasis is a fairly ancient disease, known since biblical times. However, to date, people have not been able to solve the mysteries of this disease. First of all, the exact causes and mechanisms of psoriasis development are unknown, which means that it is impossible to find a universal medicine and methods of prevention. The search for an effective drug is also complicated by the fact that animals do not suffer[…]

Cholesterol bad

Cholesterol, LDL and HDL. The norm of cholesterol by age

Cholesterol is one of the most popular medical “horror stories” of our time. It is commonly believed that this fat-like substance is a risk factor for cardiovascular diseases-atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. High cholesterol is sought to reduce in various ways-tablets and restriction of animal products. Is there a need for this? And why do vegetarians who eat only plant-based foods often have higher cholesterol than the[…]