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First aid for hyperglycemia

Hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia. Symptoms, diagnosis, first aid

Hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia are most often the result of errors in the diet, non-compliance with the diet, violations of dosages and the scheme of taking hypoglycemic drugs. As a result, the blood sugar level is sharply reduced or increased, which is accompanied by characteristic symptoms. A person with diabetes, as well as his relatives, it is important to be able to identify these conditions and know how to help in[…]


The human kidney. Structure and location. What do the kidneys do?

The kidneys are the main filter of our body. Thanks to their daily work, our blood is cleansed of toxins and waste products, excess water and salts. And the kidneys maintain blood pressure and synthesize important hormones. Just like the heart, the kidneys work around the clock without breaks and weekends, passing through 1500 liters of blood daily. Let’s find out how our filter works and why it should be[…]

AST and ALT transaminases

Increased ALT, AST, bilirubin, albumin in liver diseases

Transaminases ALT and AST, bilirubin and blood albumin are important indicators of liver and heart health. Each of us has done a biochemical blood test at least once in our lives. When receiving its results, a reasonable question arises – where do these indicators come from and what do they say? Let’s answer these questions, and at the same time find out why ALT, AST, bilirubin and albumin are included[…]

To simplify the diagnosis, ventricular extrasystoles are divided into classes

Ventricular, atrial, and supraventricular extrasystole

Extrasystole is the most common heart rhythm disorder. This condition often occurs in absolutely healthy people and in some cases does not bring unpleasant sensations. But at the same time, extrasystolic arrhythmia can be a sign of diseases of the heart, spine, nervous system and other human organs. This type of arrhythmia is considered relatively harmless, and in certain cases is considered a variant of the norm. Nevertheless, there is[…]


Symptoms of chickenpox, photos of rashes. Methods of treatment

Chickenpox or chickenpox is an infectious disease that is caused by a type of herpes virus. It is most often found in children. And it is not surprising, because given the high susceptibility of the body to the herpes virus, in the vast majority of cases, the first encounter with the infection occurs in kindergarten or school. That is, almost all adults have long had chickenpox at an early age[…]


Functional and organic ovarian cysts. Symptoms, treatment

Ovarian cysts are a fairly common gynecological disease that many women are afraid of. Interestingly, most women of childbearing age at least once in their lives suffered from this disease without even knowing it. There are different types of cysts – relatively “harmless”, passing independently or with the help of conservative treatment and more serious, subject to removal. In any case, this disease requires attention and a thorough medical examination,[…]