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Top 10 Superfoods For Healthy Hair

Not just shampoos, oils or any other outside treatment can guarantee healthy hair. For the overall health of hair, you have to make sure it gets all the essential nutrients at the right amount. Here the list of 10 superfoods for healthy hair. 10 Oyster Zinc is an essential mineral for keeping your hair healthy. The deficiency in zinc can weaken the scalp changing the structure of hair follicles. This condition[…]


Top 10 Superfoods For Healthy Skin

Keeping a healthy skin is a dream for everyone. But there are several things that affect the skin condition like pollution and sunlight. An unhealthy diet is also one of the reasons for unhealthy skin. Here the list of top 10 superfoods for healthy skin. 10 Sunflower Seeds The sun and all those pollution outside can damage and make you look older. An essential nutrient for curing this condition is Vitamin[…]

Folk medicine

Medicinal Plants and Addiction Treatment

Abstract Natural substances ( phytochemicals ) have a variety of effects on the body. Although many of them lead to addiction, others have long been used in treatment and detoxification . This short review mentioned some plants that were used for treatment addiction and/or withdrawal symptoms . Keywords Medicinal plants ; Addiction; Withdrawal symptoms; Drug abuse Introduction Drug addiction affects both brain and behavior. It has multifaceted impacts on the patients’ body, mind, and nervous system.There are different types of drugs that cause addiction as marijuana,[…]


Herbal and Medicinal Plants Molecules Towards Treatment of Cancer: A Mini Review

Abstract Cancer is one of the leading and most fatal diseases in the present decade, every year millions of people die because of various types of cancers. Many aspects relate to the cause of disease besides heredity, food habits, smoking, nutritional behaviours, radiation etc. The successful cancer therapy till now has been under research, only chemotherapy and radiation treatments are at times successful and much times toxic and lethal. Alternative and less[…]