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Pitfalls of the mono diet

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Mono-diets brilliantly cope with their task, so they are at the peak of popularity. But not all that glitters is gold. The mechanism of the mono-diet is very simple – no one can eat a lot if they are offered a single product all day. The intake of calories in the body is limited, due to this, a person loses weight. But what are the consequences of these processes – melting the extra pounds.

Kefir epic

You decided to go on a kefir diet, however, expanding the weekly menu with yogurt, yogurt and tan. Your first day passed with a Bang – by the evening you were surprised and delighted to find that the belt of the skirt was loosened. But the next three days were a nightmare for you called “intestinal disorder”, and after that, suddenly there was constipation. Experts on this subject say the following: kefir improves digestion, suppressing putrefactive processes in the intestines, contributing to the elimination of toxic metabolic products from the body. Too fresh kefir promotes gas formation and provokes diarrhea. A very old kefir leads to constipation. But even if you drink normal kefir for more than two days, it will disrupt the intestinal peristalsis and acid-base balance in the stomach. For health, one day of kefir mono diet is ideal.

Buckwheat paradoxes

Your choice was made on a buckwheat mono-diet . Buckwheat is one of the most useful cereals, it contains about a dozen trace elements alone. In addition, it is convenient-in the evening cooked porridge, and do not think about your daily bread.  If you believe the talk, a month spent on one buckwheat cleanses the body no worse than during treatment in a detoxification clinic. But, unfortunately, if you go to the hospital in two weeks, with a diagnosis of “violation of the processes of hematopoiesis”, do not be surprised. So you had problems with your liver and spleen before the diet, and you didn’t know it. The lack of important substances for the body turned into an aggravation. Dietitians recommend buckwheat monodiet, as a fasting day, and only once a week.

Rice cleansing

Admiring the Chinese, who spend their entire lives on rice, and do not know any problems with the joints or spine, you decided to use rice as a panacea. But as a result, you received a white flag thrown out by the body – a heartbeat, heaviness in the gallbladder, and the intestines declared a strike. Rice is also respected by gastroenterologists, for its adsorbing properties, rice draws out all toxins and salts from the body. But long-term consumption of rice can lead to serious problems. This is the thickening of bile and the formation of stones. A lack of protein leads to a decrease in hemoglobin, and a lack of vitamins – immunity.

Vegetable boom

“The best way to lose weight is to make friends with fresh vegetables, and only with them.” This is what you think when you choose a mono diet with vegetables. Indeed, your tummy has become smaller, and you are so happy about it. Cucumbers made a miracle. But, any dietitian can give you a lecture that cucumbers are of course rich in water, and it coincides with the intracellular fluid and well washes off the limescale from the walls of blood vessels, but even a miracle medicine can turn into poison if you overdo it in quantity. It seemed so simple-two kilograms of cucumbers a day, and two kilograms from your body as a hand will remove, but there will be increased pressure. It is best to use a monodiet on the eve of critical days, they cope well with the inevitable edema during this period.

Apple passion

You decided to lose weight with your favorite apples. But after three days, you decided that your health is more important to you than your figure. Your gastritis has not adopted such a diet. Apples themselves are a unique fruit. They help to improve metabolism, clean the intestines, and prevent atherosclerosis, but only if you eat one Apple a day. And fasting days with the help of apples can only be afforded by people who have a healthy stomach. After all, a high level of organic acids leads to irritation of the mucous membrane. In this case, it is better to bake apples in this form, pectins, which remove excess fat and slags from the body, retain their properties.


No monodiet has the right to exist for more than two, well, at least three days. The only exception is cabbage. The main component of this mono – diet is vegetable soup. You can use this dish in unlimited quantities. You will always feel full. But, after two weeks of such a diet, side effects may appear – weakness, decreased concentration, headaches.

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