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Polyarthritis-symptoms and treatment

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  • The symptoms of arthritis
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причины и лечение полиартритаPolyarthritis is a chronic joint disease that is accompanied by an inflammatory process. Joint inflammation occurs sequentially or simultaneously. Polyarthritis is a serious disease, and its causes and symptoms are different. But a common feature of the varieties of the disease is the presence of inflammation of the tissue-the synovial membrane surrounding the joint.

Causes of polyarthritis

There are several types of polyarthritis. They are distinguished by external symptoms and causes. There are seven of them in total:

  • Infectious. Usually infectious polyarthritis occurs against the background of infections such as gonorrhea, tuberculosis or brucellosis. To avoid damage to the joints, it is necessary to start treatment of the main infection at the time. If the treatment is delayed, the joints may be affected;
  • Rheumatic. It is also called rheumatoid polyarthritis, which refers to severe systemic diseases. It can affect other organs, and the joint tissue itself is affected for a variety of reasons. But they are not of an infectious character. Usually rheumatoid polyarthritis is a consequence of poor nutrition and unhealthy lifestyle, but it can occur in any person if they have a predisposition at the level of genetics;
  • Exchange, or crystal, polyarthritis begins when metabolic processes in the bodyare disrupted . The inflammatory process is caused by salts that accumulate in the joints. With the accumulation of uric acid salts, gout can develop;
  • Psoriatic polyarthritis usually occurs 6-8 months after the acute phase of psoriasis. The joints of the feet are usually affected in people under the age of 40;
  • If there is an infectious focus in the body, then it is manifested by the appearance of reactive polyarthritis;
  • If the joints are dislocated, bruised, or cracked, post-traumatic polyarthritis may develop. The disease is dangerous because there may be a complication, which consists in the appearance of watery edema and inflammation of the mucous joint bags.

The causes of the disease are different. But all of them lead to an inflammatory process that occurs in the joints. How does polyarthritis manifest?

The symptoms of arthritis

симптомы полиартритаSymptoms of polyarthritis may differ from each other when comparing them in two types of the disease:

  • If the cause is a serious infection, then there is limited mobility, redness and swelling of the skin over the joint that was affected;
  • Rheumatic polyarthritis is characterized by joint sensitivity, swelling, increased sweating and rapid fatigue. All these symptoms appear when the weather changes. Sometimes patients can experience a decreased appetite, decrease body mass, increase in body temperature. With this type of disease, internal organs may be affected;
  • Post-traumatic polyarthritis is accompanied by dull or aching pain in the muscles and joints, limited movement, which occurs crunching. If the edema infection gets to other organs, then erysipelas, furunculosis or abscess develop.

Sometimes patients have muscle atrophy. There are frequent cases of joint deformity: the fingers and toes begin to deviate to the outside. Polyarthritis contributes to the formation of flat feet.

How to treat polyarthritis

The doctor who diagnosed polyarthritis prescribes complex treatment, resorting to homeopathy, physiotherapy, medication and reflexology. Treatment is aimed at:

  • Elimination of inflammation in the joints;
  • Restore and enhance immunity;
  • Pain relief;
  • Detoxification of the body;
  • Improving the blood supply to the affected joints;
  • Stimulation of regenerative processes.

The affected joints can be affected locally by shock wave therapy, magnetic therapy, and laser therapy. The patient is prescribed medications that are administered by electrophoresis or pharmacopuncture. Pain relief is performed by the method of drug therapy.

Folk remedies

травяные сборы для лечения полиартритаPeople treat polyarthritis with special collections of herbs. But before you start self-treatment, you need to consult a doctor.

Collection # 1

Equally take dry raw materials: warty birch leaves, black elderberry inflorescences and blackthorn flowers with nettles. A day, drink 2 cups of broth made from two tablespoons of the collection in a water bath (at least 10 minutes).

Collection # 2

Mix calamus root, St. John’s wort, bearberry and sage equally. A tablespoon of the collection will require 1 Cup of boiling water: the broth is prepared in a water bath for a quarter of an hour. Drink funds for 0.5 liters per day.

Collection # 3

Prepare and drink the same as in the previous description, a decoction of equally mixed herbs: hernia, parsley seeds, juniper (fruit), horsetail with buckthorn bark.

Collection # 4

Prepare a collection of soapweed roots and field stalks mixed with the same amount of willow bark. Pour 1 Cup of boiling water 1.5 tablespoons of the collection and insist for 10 minutes. Then boil the broth in a water bath for about 10 minutes. Take three times a day.

Polyarthritis is a disease that significantly complicates the patient’s life. Therefore, promptly treat any ailments and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Video on how to relieve the pain of polyarthritis

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