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  •  What is separation of power?

Today, many people are obsessed with a healthy lifestyle, the cult of a slender beautiful body pushes many to perform feats, but there are also those who try to change something in themselves, but they do not succeed. Numerous diets do not help to lose extra pounds, and all because after they end, a person returns to his usual diet. And this makes the situation worse and helps not only to quickly compensate for losses, but also to add extra pounds. In recent years, the best nutritionists agree that only separate meals can help restore their previous forms and improve the entire body as a whole.

 What is separation of power?

The essence of the new method, proposed by American nutritionist Shelton, is that proteins can not be digested in the body along with carbohydrates. Different conditions are required for assimilation of these elements. For example, proteins are digested in an acidic environment, while carbohydrates are digested in an alkaline one. If they are eaten separately, the body absorbs the product well, and together they give an explosive reaction, which produces toxins.

It is the maintenance of acid-base balance that is the main principle of separate nutrition. A healthy diet is carried out when products that increase the alkaline environment of the stomach are consumed four times more than products that increase the acidity of the environment. The main problem that defines separate meals is that you need to learn how to properly combine products with each other. Today, this is not difficult to do, and all because there are special compatibility tables. They present possible chains, but the principle is the same: you need to separate protein food from carbohydrate, you can eat both, but separately and with a two-hour break. Separate meals – a good diet for pregnant women, it helps to control weight without compromising the amount of ingredients consumed.

There are many advantages of such a system. First, the intoxication of the body is greatly reduced. Secondly, excess weight disappears. Third, the condition and well-being significantly improves. Separate meals have their drawbacks, and they also need to be mentioned. It is very difficult to get used to the described system, you will have to change not only your diet, but also your standard of living. And finally, the one who chooses to eat separately, runs the risk of disrupting the digestive tract of the stomach. It is genetically tuned to digest complex food, and if it is “taught” to produce the right enzymes, they will not be able to cope with mixed food later. If you are ready to give up your favorite dishes forever, separate meals will be a good alternative for you.

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