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Sociopath – who is it?

Доктор Хаус - социопат

In this article, we will understand who a sociopathis, in simple words, is it worth being afraid of sociopaths, as people with such a disorder are now called?

The term “Sociopath” is formed from two words-society (society) and pathology (deviation from the normal state or development process). Today the word sociopath from a medical point of view is obsolete. “Sociopathy” and “psychopathy” were replaced by “dissocial personality disorder”. The latest edition of the American Manual of Mental Disorders notes that psychopathy and sociopathy are synonymous with DRL.

Dissocial personality disorder or antisocial personality disorder is a personality disorder that manifests itself in the form of antisociality, disregard for social norms, impulsivity, and a limited ability to form attachments. Given that DLR and sociopathy are synonymous, we can distinguish the characteristics of sociopaths.


  • They do not recognize social norms (generally accepted rules, patterns of behavior designed to ensure the order, stability and stability of social interaction between individuals and social groups).
  • Show antisociality (negative attitude to social norms or standards of behavior, the desire to counteract them. Including the traditions of a particular social group of people).
  • Extremely negative, up to aggressive behavior, relate to the imposition of social norms on them (birthday celebration, handshake at a meeting, a gift for March 8 or February 23, fasting, attending a reunion, etc.)
  • They have poor communication skills, that is, they do not communicate well with other people, do not have a large number of friends, rarely fall in love, and are reluctant to spend time in the company of other people.

In simple terms, a sociopath is a personwho does not recognize society as it is, tries to distance himself from it and avoids contact with people unnecessarily. The sociopath is not afraid of society, it is simply incomprehensible or disgusting to him. But sociophobes, who are rarely, but still confused with sociopaths, are afraid of society.

It should be understood that sociopathy is a personality disorder, and not, for example, hatred of a large number of” stupid customers ” in the field of retail sales.

One of the brightest and most memorable sociopaths on TV is Dr. House from the series of the same name. Because of sociopathy, he was almost fired, miraculously avoided prison (and then still sat down), got into a madhouse, broke up a hard-built relationship, etc., etc.

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