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Sociopath – who is it?

In this article, we will understand who a sociopathis, in simple words, is it worth being afraid of sociopaths, as people with such a disorder are now called? The term “Sociopath” is formed from two words-society (society) and pathology (deviation from the normal state or development process). Today the word sociopath from a medical point of view is obsolete. “Sociopathy” and “psychopathy” were replaced by “dissocial personality disorder”. The latest[…]


Who is autistic?

On the Internet, in comments to posts on social networks, videos, and news, interlocutors often call each other autistic, trying to offend, offend, or provoke. It is assumed that an autistic person is stupid, narrow-minded, mentally retarded, incapable of thinking and common assessment, a fool, an idiot, etc. But who is an autistic person, in simple words? An autistic person is a person who has autism, a mental illness caused[…]