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pcr – what is it?

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is a method of molecular biology that allows you to achieve a significant increase in small concentrations of certain DNA fragments in a sample, as well as to perform some manipulations with DNA. In medical practice, PCR is often used to diagnose infectious and hereditary diseases, to clone and isolate new genes, and to establish paternity. In simple terms, PCR is a multiple magnification of a[…]


Treatment of hypotension

Symptoms Prevention Treatment of hypotension Recommendations of traditional medicine Hypotension is a decrease in blood pressure. The lower limit of the norm can fluctuate within the 90/60 mm Hg mark. Hypotension can be as congenital, so-called physiological hypotension, but it can be one of the signs of acute heart failure, for example, sudden fainting, or it can be a concomitant disease in peptic ulcer disease, pulmonary tuberculosis, general anemia, and[…]


What is CT of the lungs?

In connection with the latest events in the world, namely, the coronavirus pandemic, many people began to be interested in what CT of the lungs is. Let’s look into this issue, in simple words. CT of the lungs (usually CT of the lungs and bronchi) is a computer tomography of the lungs and bronchi of a person, a method of layer-by-layer study of organs. A computed tomogram is obtained by[…]


What is anaphylactic shock?

Anaphylactic shock is an immediate allergic reaction; an acute pathological condition that occurs when the allergen is re-penetrated, resulting in severe hemodynamic disorders and hypoxia. Another name for anaphylactic shock is anaphylaxis. In simple terms, anaphylactic shock is a very strong and rapid reaction to an allergen, as a result of which a person can die without immediate intervention. Quite often, anaphylactic shock is caused by drugs (drug allergy). On[…]


what is the sense of smell?

sense of smell – the sense of smell, the ability to detect the smell of substances in the air. In simple terms, the sense of smell is the ability to smell. in humans, the organ of smell is the olfactory epithelium located in the nose. Through the epithelium, olfactory bulbs and subcortical centers, nerve impulses reach the temporal region, where the cortical center of smell of the brain is located.[…]


What is immunotherapy capable of in cancer?

many doctors associate the future of oncology with the development of immunotherapy – a relatively new method of treating oncological pathologies. Unlike “traditional” surgical interventions, chemotherapy and ionizing radiation therapy, this method is based on the characteristics of the tumor itself, and helps to destroy it in the most natural way. what is the basis of this method? Already by the name, you can understand that immunotherapy involves the most[…]