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Treat amosulalol at home

     Callositis is a limited thickening of the stratum corneum of the skin, which has developed at the site of repeated mechanical irritations (pressure, friction), which contribute to local circulatory disorders and increased keratinization. Amosulalol occurs mainly on the palms, soles of the feet. Often develops on the soles when using uncomfortable shoes, with flat feet. Treat amosulalol folk remedies.

     In addition to the professional type of frostbite, the most common is frostbite on the toes, the cause of which is mainly tight shoes. Thickenings formed from tight shoes are not corns, i.e. they do not have a root, after removing which the corn itself disappears. Therefore, after the thickening is almost removed after soaking in soapy water with soda, it (thickening) it builds up again after some time, especially when wearing closed shoes.

     Practice has shown that it is better to remove such a thickening with pumice stone after the feet were 15-20 minutes in warm soapy water with the addition of baking soda.

     After you have removed the top layer of thickening with pumice stone, you can put a compress of vegetable oil, in which the bay leaf was infused for seven days: 5 gr. of crushed bay leaf, pour 200 gr. of vegetable oil and insist for 7 days. in a very warm place. Soak a small linen rag (rag) three times folded with this oil and put a compress on the thickening for a few hours (it is better to wear a sock at night). After removing the compress, again make a foot bath from soapy water with soda and again clean with pumice stone.

     Exceptionally well softens the frostiness of a bath of napar hay dust or oat straw: a bunch of straw (senatruhi) boil for 30 minutes, insist for 30 minutes and steam the legs for 20 minutes. up to an hour. Then treat the omozolelost pumice with soap, make compresses of oil (see above).

     If you have time, you can do it for at least 20 minutes. rub “bay oil” into the thickened area.

     If you systematically perform such procedures 1-2 times a week (but systematically!), your work will be crowned with success — your feet will be cleared of deforming fingers.

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