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Treatment and symptoms of the flu

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Лечение и симптомы гриппаOnce the body is airborne, the flu virus is introduced into the cells of their mucous membranes and multiplies very quickly, which causes a very fast incubation period of this infectious disease – from several hours to several days.


The first symptoms of flu – intoxication, appears almost from the first hours of the disease. The body temperature increases sharply, symptoms of headache, aches in the muscles and joints begin. If you do not take urgent measures, the flu can give severe complications – pneumonia, bronchitis (Acute and chronic), inflammation of the maxillary and frontal paranasal sinuses, inflammation of the middle ear.

Treatment of influenza

If you have the flu, you should not self-medicate. with the first signs of the disease, you need to go to bed and call a doctor. Calling a doctor is necessary to make sure that it is the flu or not. It is recommended to take a hot shower with intensive body rubbing or a hot bath. The flu virus is afraid of an increase in the general temperature of the body. After warming up procedures, you need to go to bed and warm up well. This procedure is recommended to be repeated for several days. In the first days of the disease, you should not get carried away with taking antibiotics, as the effect of getting used to the antibiotic can work, and if you need to take them later, it may not have the desired effect.

The best medicines for a simple flu are warm, hot tea in the morning, and in the afternoon tea too, but with raspberry jam, non-spicy food, taking vitamins B, C. You can use anti-flu instant drinks.


In the period preceding the outbreak of the epidemic, it is recommended to take multivitamins, carry out general strengthening measures, and harden the body. During the beginning of the flu epidemic, you can use oxoline ointment, preventive anti-gryphosis drinks, lubricate the wings of the nose with Golden Star balm. It is not bad to use inhalations with baking soda, since the flu virus does not tolerate an alkaline environment.

Treatment of flu with folk remedies

  • Infusion of rosehip – 100 gr. dry fruits pour a liter of water, boil for 15 minutes, insist for 8 hours, take with honey or sugar.
  • Infusion of viburnum fruits and linden flowers-a handful of the mixture pour 500.0 water, boil for 10 minutes, insist for 30 minutes, take hot.
  • Infusion of viburnum fruits, mother-and-stepmother leaf, oregano herb, the method of use is the same.
  • Infusion of linden flowers and black elderberry flowers.
  • Infusion of herbal collection consisting of buckthorn bark, hay grass, flowers of immortelle, knotweed, St. John’s wort, mix in equal parts, 50 gr. pour 500.0 water, boil for 5 minutes.
  • soak the woolen cloth with vinegar, camphor and vegetable oil and apply it to the chest at night.
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