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Treatment of coronavirus at home: new rules from November 8

Лечение коронавируса на дому

Since November 8, 2020, new rules for home treatment of patients with coronavirus have come into force in Russia. Previously, the patient was left at home if there was no need for emergency hospitalization, and no one thought about living conditions. Now they have introduced rules for the treatment of coronavirus at home.

So, what do you need:

  • The patient should not live in a communal apartment or hostel.
  • The patient should be in a separate room.
  • The apartment should not contain people over 65 years of age and people with chronic diseases (i.e. people vulnerable to coronavirus)
  • The patient must agree to comply with all medical prescriptions (doctor’s recommendations and compliance with the regime)
  • The patient can be transferred from the hospital home without a negative test for coronavirus on his hands.
  • Doctors are required to inform patients that they should call doctors if they feel worse.
  • If other people live in the same apartment with a sick person, they need to provide all the necessary information – about the need to live in different rooms, about recommendations for protection against the virus, and about the rules of patient care.

The network has already ridiculed the new rules for treating coronavirus at home. Some users write that they really hope to change their living conditions so that they “have a separate room”. People are also interested in what to do if “the apartment has a shared kitchen, shared toilet and shared bathroom”. And so on.

But it is worth noting that if there is no separate room, then the patient is supposed to be placed in a hospital. The same applies to patients living in dormitories and communal apartments. Another thing is that patients may simply have nowhere to deliver…

Living in a separate room only reduces the risk of infection of other roommates, but does not completely exclude it. In the toilet and bathroom, you need to follow hygiene rules to reduce the risk of infection of relatives and friends. In fact, these “rules” only explained that you need to try as much as possible to protect those people with whom the infected person lives. There is no panacea in them…

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