Treatment of gout and sciatica in folk medicine - Traditional medicine and medicinal plants

Treatment of gout and sciatica in folk medicine

Now pharmacies sell many different drugs that help to cope with the gout disease. These medicines are created by man artificially, but most of them have a main component-these are the properties of medicinal herbs and plants that people have identified for a long time and successfully apply in folk medicine. A lot of work was done by people to find out which plant helps with a particular disease, without knowing the chemistry, experimentally, people determine their medicinal properties. Consider specific diseases such as gout and sciatica.

лечение подагры и радикулитаThis is the most common joint disease, which is difficult to treat and in the period of exacerbation comes to the aid of traditional medicine.

To relieve pain, a decoction of cranberry leaves is prepared. Take a tablespoon of cranberry leaf, pour a glass of boiling water and cook for half an hour on low heat, then the broth is filtered and drunk in small SIPS throughout the day. You can also use a decoction of nettle, only the nettle is enough to pour boiling water and let it brew for half an hour. Black currant leaves, a decoction of which will be good both for pleasure and for the treatment of joints.

A wonderful collection: Linden flowers, elderberry flowers (one tablespoon each), horse chestnut fruits (it is taken three times less than flowers), everything is filled with boiling water and cooked for 15 minutes, then let it brew for a while and drink. It is necessary to prepare such a decoction at one time and drink such a portion twice.

Spruce branches filled with boiling water will help with external use: sore feet or hands should be held in a warm solution, and then they are well wrapped. This procedure should be performed every two days, even the pain went away earlier, and it must be done 5-6 times.

You can RUB your back with an ointment that consists of identical parts of lilac flowers and butter.

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