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Treatment of herpes with folk remedies

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лечение герпесаHerpes is an extremely unpleasant disease in which blistering rashes appear on the skin. Modern medicine knows several types of this disease, but the most common are genital herpes and the one that affects the lip area.

This virus is popularly called “fever ” or”cold on the lip”. And the treatment of herpes itself is quite time-consuming, it is important to know that it is impossible to completely cure it. The virus remains in the body forever, even if it appeared only once, and therefore it is necessary not to let the immune system weaken, work on your health, and at the slightest signs of herpes, use proven means.

Causes of the virus: hypothermia or overheating, weakened immunity, menstruation, pregnancy, alcohol intoxication, stress, etc.

Recipes for treating herpes on the lip:

1. If you start treatment immediately, at the mere suspicion of a herpes virus, it can be prevented. Onion juice squeezed into the place of the hearth will help in this.

2. Smearing the affected area several times during the day with valocordin will help to significantly reduce it.

3. Herpes sores helping to dry the sulphur. You need to take a match, slightly moisten its head with water and apply it to your lip. Due to the fact that the sulfur forms a film, herpes will begin to dry out. It is often advised to use earwax. It is applied to the sore with a cotton swab, and soon the herpes disappears.

4. celandine juice is considered a Good remedy by the people. It is applied to herpes for an hour every 10 minutes and repeat this procedure several times a day. But this is only available during the summer.

5. if you remove the film from the boiled egg and attach the adhesive side to the resulting bubbles and hold for a quarter of an hour, then after a few such repetitions, you can see significant improvements.


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