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Useful properties of grapes

  • Useful properties of grapes
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полезные свойства виноградаOne of the oldest cultivated plants is a flexible vine with beautiful carved leaves and fragrant berries. most of the vineyards are owned by winemakers. After all, fermented juice in the hands of skilled producers turns into a delicate aromatic alcoholic drink. But to consider only the grapes as raw material for the production of wine is not correct. In addition, grapes have valuable and extremely useful properties.

useful properties of grapes

even in ancient times, people exhausted by diseases were put on their feet with the help of grapes. this method was used by ancient greek and arab doctors. After all, one kilogram of grapes has more than 700kclories. This product is not inferior in its nutritional value even to broths, which are recommended for patients after a debilitating illness.

One grape berry is regarded as a pill to replenish strength. Although the composition of the tablet depends on the variety, quality, degree of maturity of the grapes and the fertile soil on which the vine grows. The most basic component of nutritional value is fructose and glucose. No less useful in grapes are fruit acids. This is apple, tartar, lemon, tannic. The mineral composition of grapes has important trace elements, potassium, calcium, sodium. Iron, aluminum, magnesia. these trace elements are essential for regulating metabolism. and in the company of acids, they are easily absorbed and do their job.

In addition, grapes are an enzyme preparation, due to the content of proteinase, invertase, pectinase, lipase. Therefore, all products that enter the body are easily and quickly disposed of. There is such a pectin in grapes, which is considered the best sorbent, which eliminates harmful substances and prevents bleeding. A natural antioxidant in the form of lycopene, is interesting for its antitumor effect.

types of diseases in which grapes are useful are kidney diseases, cardiovascular insufficiency, cirrhosis of the liver, chronic and acute hepatitis. Diseases of the lungs, functional disorders of the stomach with any acidity, constipation, anemia, loss of strength, exhaustion.

Treatment with grapes

In the treatment of grapes, ripe and good, fresh grapes are used. Preferably with a thin skin and fewer seeds, although it is better to spit them out in any case. You can replace the berries with grape juice. Since the daily rate of grapes should not exceed two kilograms, the daily rate of juice is 1200ml.

The first three days you need to consume 600 grams in three doses. The first dose is taken in the morning on an empty stomach, about 1.5 hours before meals, the second 2 hours before lunch, and the third 2 hours before dinner. The number of grapes on the fourth day is increased to a kilogram, and on the seventh, to one and a half or two kilograms. If you are not able to consume 500 grams of grapes at once, you can divide the portion into 5-6 receptions. The course of treatment with grapes is not less than 21 days or not more than 28 days. At a time when there is a treatment of grapes, it is necessary to exclude from the diet fatty, dairy, sour-milk, salty dishes, as well as raw vegetables and fruits.

Types of diseases in which the use of grapes is contraindicated — diabetes mellitus, pulmonary tuberculosis, intestinal inflammation, pneumonia, obesity, idiosyncrasy to grapes.

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