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useful properties of melon

полезные свойства дыниdo you like melon? The end of summer and beginning of autumn, the season of melons, whether to include them in your diet? of course, yes! after all, melon has a tonic effect, perfectly removes urine and bile. it also helps to cleanse the body, while acting as a very mild laxative and diuretic. melon will help to cope with some inflammatory processes in the body, as well as strengthen it.

did you know that melon can be applied directly to the skin of the face without any additives? cut a piece and you can smear your face. The skin will become much cleaner, the pores will narrow. The skin will be smooth and even, freckles and ugly red spots will gradually disappear.

Applying melon inside, you will help hematopoiesis, because it is rich in iron and folic acid.

What to do if you have problems with your hair, it falls out and looks dull? apply the melon juice to clean, damp hair and scalp and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After several applications, the hair will become shiny and strong. All thanks to the substance “inositol” contained in the melon.

Those who want to lose weight, melon will become a faithful assistant. After all, it improves the functioning of the intestines and normalizes metabolism. It also removes fluid, which significantly reduces cellulite and prevents fat from being deposited in unnecessary places.

People suffering from melancholy and depression should also eat melon. Melon pulp miraculously calms the nervous system. At the same time, it also normalizes blood pressure.

In folk medicine, not only melon pulp is used, but also excellent preparations are obtained from the roots and seeds of melon.

дыня и ее применение в народной медицинеA decoction of melon seeds helps with kidney stones and gonorrhea. To do this, the seeds are crushed in a blender or in a mortar and brewed with boiling water, heated in a water bath for the resulting mixture for 20 minutes. Then filter and drink before eating.

With chronic cough and inflammation of the throat, it is useful to drink half a glass of melon juice before eating.

With all the advantages of melon, you need to know when and how to use it. For example, melon should be eaten only as an independent dish, 2-3 hours after the main meal. Do not eat melon on an empty stomach and, if possible, do not mix it with honey, cold water, alcoholic beverages and fermented milk products. and everything should be in moderation, do not overeat melons, your stomach may get upset. melon seeds also harm the spleen, but this can be corrected if you include honey in your diet.

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