We treat inflammation of the eyelids at home - Traditional medicine and medicinal plants

We treat inflammation of the eyelids at home

Лечим воспаление век в домашних условиях

     The eyelids of the eyes can become inflamed for a variety of reasons, mainly these reasons can be divided into internal and external.

     If the patient knows the internal causes (the consequences of some other disease, a lack of something in the body, beriberi, hunger strike, etc.), then, of course, in order for your eyelids to return to normal, you should first eliminate the underlying disease, and then locally treat the eyelids.

     External causes: maybe the eyes got some reagent that caused inflammation (poplar fluff, etc.), in this case, the allergen should be eliminated, and the eyelids should be treated.

     Very good for restoring the eyelids, as well as everything else in the body. – overall cleanliness of the body. Next, you should introduce vitamins into the body, in particular-vitamin A, which is very much in carrots, fish oil and other products.

     Well, and of course, lotions for the eyelids-this is the most important treatment.

     From our practice: we believe that the most effective lotions are lotions made from celandine napar or celandine juice diluted 1: 1 with boiled water.

     For lotions: 1 tablespoon of dry grass per 1 cup of boiling water, hold for 10 minutes. on the steam bath. Lotions to do in hot form, for this porcelain cup with napar put in boiling water and often wash and warm the branch or bandage imposed on the eyelids.

     Lotions to do lying down and not less than half an hour. If you want a quick recovery, do the procedure several times a day.

     Before the procedure, wash your eyes with clean (keep separate from the general) soap, blot them with your personal towel.

     Instead of celandine, you can use marigold or yarrow flowers. The dose and procedure are the same.

     If it happens that you do not have any of these herbs, make lotions with clean, warm, fresh urine – your own or someone else’s, but the owner of the urine should not have acute infections, especially venereal ones.

     If after lotions you feel a great dryness of the eyelids, you should lubricate the eyelids with castor, burdock or vegetable oil. Smear gently so that the viscous oil does not get into your eyes.

     For recovering eyelids (and for healthy ones — too), 15-20-minute compresses from simple (but not from the tap, but from thawed, artesian, from the well) water without impurities are very useful. The temperature of the room is important. If you are hardened-you can be a little colder.

     For the eyes (especially patients) and at the same time for the ears, a steam “bath” is very beneficial: boil 2/3 of the water bucket, throw in a handful of yarrow flowers, immediately remove from the heat and cover tightly with a lid, then-with a towel. After 5-10 minutes, start the procedure: put the bucket so that you can comfortably bend over it and take steam on your eyes and ears. It is better to sit down. Be careful — don’t tip the bucket over!
     Cover with a clean white cloth so that all the steam gets on your eyes and ears. The steam should not be scalding. The procedure takes 15 minutes.

     Attention! After this procedure, you can not go out in the cold!

     This procedure has a very beneficial effect on the state of the body in general.

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