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What is a bodypositive?

Кто такая бодипозитивщица

For several years in the everyday life of many Internet users is bodypositiveand women who are overweight are often called adipositivity. But what exactly is it about?

Bodypositive is a feminist movement based on the idea that the body should be accepted as it is. The movement’s motto is “My body is my business”. The main goal is to fight the imposition of beauty standards and complexes associated with the body. It consists of two words-body( body), positive (positive attitude).

Initially, bodypositive will be born in the form of a fight against discrimination against overweight people. And a little later, the list of people who are humiliated and whose rights are violated because of their body expanded to people with disabilities, with scars, burns, with a different skin color, etc. As a result, bodypositive has become a movement that fights not only for the rights of overweight people, but against discrimination against people because of their body as a whole. This model of movement looks logical, because often a person can not change in his body what others do not like. Bodypositive helps him to accept his feature, which others call a disadvantage, to love himself for what he is, to overcome the conflict with his appearance and live a full life.

Unfortunately, today many people perceive bodypositive as a struggle with toned figures and a slim body, and not as a struggle for the rights of people with a non-standard figure or appearance. An important feature of bodypositive is the absence (not always, but in most cases) to change their appearance without serious surgical intervention. And this has nothing to do with people who do not eat properly in excessive amounts and do not move much, as a result of which they gain extra weight. Nowadays, the true meaning of the movement is distorted – some people just start to “spit” on their body and a healthy lifestyle, hiding behind a bodypositive.

A healthy lifestyle began to be perceived by many with hostility, and excess weight is even welcomed by many, they say, look, we are different, but you must love us, too, to be overweight is normal, moreover, it is right. Alas, people who are engaged in such propaganda forget the main thing-a person needs to be comfortable in his body, he learned to feel and love it, and the most important thing in this case is health. If a person has problems with excess weight, skin, etc., and they can be solved, then this issue should be addressed, and not shouting at every corner: “look, I have huge sides and pimples, but this is normal, love me for who I am.” Not to be confused with real health problems with the characteristics of the body that a person to fix not.

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