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What is bipolar disorder?

In this article, we will understand what bipolar disorder is, or, as it is also pejoratively called “bipolar”, in simple words.

Bipolar disorder (or bipolar affective disorder, and earlier-manic-depressive psychosis and circular psychosis) is a mental disorder caused by internal factors, and not caused by external influences, which manifests itself as a violation of the emotional sphere and mood disorders, i.e. affective States:

  • Manic state. It is characterized by a triad of symptoms – increased mood, acceleration of thinking and speech, motor arousal.
  • Hypomanic state. It is characterized by a light upbeat mood with possible manifestations of irritability and anger, a sense of well-being, activity, increased energy, physical and mental productivity.
  • Depressive state. It is characterized by low mood, inhibition of intellectual activity, motor and volitional inhibition.
  • Subdepressive state, which is also called “minor depression”. According to its symptoms, it does not reach depression due to the manifestation of not all symptoms or their slightly pronounced severity. It is characterized by a depressed mood, a decrease or loss of the ability to receive pleasure, as well as a loss of activity in achieving this very pleasure.

Various variants of mixed States are also possible.

In simple terms, bipolar disorder is a mental disorder that causes a person to have a sharp change of mood: from a state of euphoria and a sharp rise in mood to bouts of despondency, apathy, melancholy and depression, and back again. In the intervals between these phases, a person can lead a completely normal life. In the term itself lies the true meaning – bipolar (two opposites).

An important feature of bipolar disorder is the absence of visible reasons for strong joy or depression due to the absence of external factors. A person can enjoy life one week, consider himself a successful person, be happy, the next week – live his normal life,and the next week-fall into depression, feel insignificant and useless for this world. Such mood swings and emotional sphere from one extreme to another and are referred to as bipolar disorder.

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