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What is CT of the lungs?

КТ лёгких

In connection with the latest events in the world, namely, the coronavirus pandemic, many people began to be interested in what CT of the lungs is. Let’s look into this issue, in simple words.

CT of the lungs (usually CT of the lungs and bronchi) is a computer tomography of the lungs and bronchi of a person, a method of layer-by-layer study of organs. A computed tomogram is obtained by X-ray transmission of the object. When these rays reach the tissues, they are either reflected or absorbed by the tissues. Special sensors record the transmitted pulses, send them to a computer, which, in turn, processes the information and builds a three-dimensional model based on a set of images.

КТ лёгких как выглядит

Perhaps you are a little strained by the phrase “X-rays” … Yes, computed tomography is not a harmless procedure, since it uses irradiation of the object, and the respiratory organs are very important and extremely delicate organs of the human body, susceptible to all influences. Computed tomography of the lungs is contraindicated in pregnant women, and children are prescribed only for certain indications.

When compared with chest x-rays (of Roetgen light), when computed tomography is used smaller dose. But this makes CT scan of the lungs a safer procedure, so a lot of pictures are taken. As a result, with CT, a person receives more radiation than with fluorography. But here everything depends on the technical means: if we are talking about conducting film fluorography (ancient X-rays), then the effective equivalent dose (radiation) is slightly less than with multispiral computed tomography. Digital fluorography exposes several tens of times less, so it can become a priority choice (if finances and indications for conducting allow).

computed tomography of the lungs and bronchi examines the following human organs: pulmonary vessels, bronchi, trachea. CT of the lungs helps to diagnose oncological neoplasms, tuberculosis, pneumonia, pathologies determined by conventional X-rays, inflammation, injuries of the diaphragm or chest, etc.

Sometimes computed tomography of the lungs and bronchi is carried out using contrast (contrast agent), due to which the images become clearer, which eventually allows you to see on the tomogram with contrast that was not visible on the usual tomogram.

The cost of tomography of the lungs and bronchi can range from 1200 to 9000 rubles. Much depends on the region, the technical means used, additional services and pricing policy of the medical center.

What you should know! Computed tomography is an additional radiation, with which, considerable. If you are interested in whether the coronavirus will be visible on the tomogram – this is not necessary, since not all patients with COVID-19 have serious lung damage, pneumonia, etc.It is also worth understanding that in the diagnosis of coronavirus, ordinary X-rays or ultrasound are no less effective methods. Computed tomography should be done only on the recommendation (and direction) of the attending physician.

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