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Who is a homophobe?

Кто такой гомофоб, говоря простыми словами?

In the 21st century, it is unlikely that anyone can be surprised by same-sex relationships, especially in developed countries, in many of which tolerance flourishes. Now it is believed that if someone is comfortable and good with a person of the same sex, then their life together and their relationships, including romantic ones, are their business, and there is nothing wrong with this.

But there are other people who do not recognize same-sex love and are extremely negative about its adherents.

Homophobes are people who are afraid of the presence of homosexuals in society( in society), thoughts on this topic, do not understand and do not want to understand people who enter into romantic relationships with people of the same sex. It seems that the definition is quite simple, but in the modern world everything is changing. For example, if earlier feminists fought for equality, now they want to achieve dominance over men. It’s about the same with homophobes…

Homophobes are now divided into two types of people. The former simply do not understand how it is possible to be a homosexual, consider such relationships obscene and wrong, but do not openly condemn such people. The second is people who openly oppose same-sex love, enter into conflict and show hostility and aggression towards homosexuals. This can be expressed both in insults and in physical violence (beatings). Nowadays, if someone is called a homophobe, they usually talk about the second type of people, so let’s move on to an additional definition.

in simple terms, a homophobe is a personwho openly expresses his dislike for people of non-traditional sexual orientation (for people who love and enter into relationships with people of the same sex – men with men, women with women) and tries to insult, hurt feelings or even use physical force against such people.

There are significantly more homophobes in Russia than in the United States and Western Europe. In our country, dislike of homosexuals is part of the mentality. Therefore, there are very few cuming-outs in Russia — it is literally life-threatening.

homophobes have a negative attitude towards the lgbt community for obvious reasons.

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