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Who is autistic?

Мальчик-аутист из сериала Доктор Хаус

On the Internet, in comments to posts on social networks, videos, and news, interlocutors often call each other autistic, trying to offend, offend, or provoke. It is assumed that an autistic person is stupid, narrow-minded, mentally retarded, incapable of thinking and common assessment, a fool, an idiot, etc. But who is an autistic person, in simple words?

An autistic person is a person who has autism, a mental illness caused by a violation of the development and functioning of the nervous system. Autism is diagnosed in childhood and is not treated.

Autism can occur for a number of reasons: genetic problems, infectious diseases during pregnancy or already a newborn baby, traumatic brain injury at birth.

Autistic people tend to social loneliness, i.e. they prefer to be alone, they have a disturbed expression of emotions. Society does not accept autistic people well, and most of them, at least in childhood, do not really need it.

The signs and symptoms of autism may appear in different people to a greater or lesser extent. Some people simply find it difficult to communicate with other people, while others are almost unable to do so.

Autistic children may show the following signs of the disease:

  • Communication disorders (do not respond to a call by name, do not like physical contact, such as hugs, do not use facial expressions and gestures, can not keep eye contact with the interlocutor, that is, avert or hide their eyes during a conversation).
  • Violation of the expression of emotions and perception of the world (they can behave aggressively even in a calm situation, the threshold of their General sensitivity is overshadowed or underestimated, attention may be focused on one thing to the maximum extent, which does not allow the autistic person to be torn away from what they are doing until they finish).
  • Violation of behavior and social skills (the absence of several friends or their complete absence, lack of understanding of other people’s feelings, lack of empathy, silence of problems, obsession with the same things).

Many autistic people socialize with age (adapt to life in society) depending on the initial degree of autism.

If we talk about name-calling and insults on the Internet ,then “autistic” is a replacement for the word “down” that has become boring for many years, which also refers to sick people. Many will say that it is immoral to use incurable diseases in insults, but this is the world, there are many cruel people in it.

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